Information for authors

Please, prepare the abstract and your paper very carefully.

Paper submission - submission via

Papers without a presentation by an author or a co-author will not be published.
Proceedings are completed AFTER the conference.


DO NOT USE  characters " and ' in the author's name and Abstract !!!
Abstract - no HTML tags, please.

We STRONGLY recommend to following "How to Get your Paper Accepted" hints

Abstracts will be published in the Abstract proceedings and conference attendees will select presentations/sessions according to them. They will have on-line papers available for details as well. The abstracts and online full-text papers will be available on conference WEB pages before and during the conference for the presenting authors.

How to prepare your paper (excerpt from what is usually requested by reviewers):

  • Describe the State of the Art (SoA) - your paper should be understandable without referring only to references in principal issues. A reader has to understand recent works and your method/approach and then he/she can go to the referenced resources for details.
  • Describe your theory /experiments step by step and show how it can be repeated and verified.
  • Include RESULTS and comparisons with competing approaches/methods, and evaluate and compare them with your results.
  • Include relevant references only and check the online relevant repositories for the most recent relevant papers as well. Reviewers will search for relevant references all available resources. If relevant references are not covered in your SoA, the paper will probably gain a lower evaluation or might be rejected.
  • Self-citation should be less 15%.
  • It is recommended to cite papers published in WSCG proceedings and in the Journal of WSCG (see WSCG digital repository at ) as recent authors usually act as reviewers :-) 

Reviewers usually search digital libraries first using as <keywords> site:<digital repository>
Check the following sites: Eurographics Digital Library,, IEEE Digital Library, ACM Digital Library,
WSCG Digital Repository  and also sites with subscription:, (ISI Thompson),, etc.

Match the required paper format as close as possible - reviewers evaluate that as well.

In your anonymous version - number the LINES  and pages!  Reviewers need that to comment on your paper - you will help them and they will be more happy to help you. 

In your affiliated version - do NOT number pages nor the lines, pagination will be inserted later on by editors.
We pre-process the affiliated version of your paper to detect problems with the PDF - it will help us to speed up the final version processing. 

Copyright Transfer Form - please, note that a Copyright Transfer Form (CTF) filled in, signed and uploaded is a part of the submission. Without it the paper cannot be sent for a review. 

Upload signed CTF as Additional file-2 in the PDF format to WEB server. The original CTF is needed for legal purposes and you will sign it at the registration desk.

Authors registration - register your personal details as soon as possible - we will keep you updated with information related to this event. Note that your e-mail address is used for identification/communication - avoid aliases etc.
ALL AUTHORS have to be pre-registered with the WSCG server - there is a cross-check made after submission


Paper registration and upload - register your paper and the paper title, list of authors, their e-mails and abstract etc. in advance. Do NOT make double registrations of the same paper!

  • Upload an abstract of your paper in plain ASCII (TXT) [only ENGLISH characters - use NOTEPAD for copying] format (NO HTML or TEX TAGS, no MSWord text copying) - approx. up to 250 words. The uploaded abstract will be published in the Abstracts Proceedings.
  • NOTE that the Title of the paper, list of authors, their CORRECT e-mails and the abstract cannot be changed/modified later on.
    [ALL the co-authors have to agree with the publications and we also need to eliminate "fake" co-authors]
  • ALL co-authors should be registered with our database - ask them to make it.
  • Authors are responsible for the correctness of the upload.
  • Download  contribution templates
    ( !!! Open in a new TAB or copy the address to the browser):

All papers are carefully and anonymously reviewed by the International Program Committee and by the External Review Board members.
Usually, 3 anonymous reviewers will evaluate each paper.

The submission server can be slow last 2 weeks due to heavy load. Please, count with a slow upload!

Additional file-1 in *.ZIP format [ONLY] - with add-on material (anonymous version). It should be zipped and less 10MB.

Store your files on the server, download your files back and check the correctness of the upload as soon as possible.

Paper types - Full paper (selected will be published in the Journal of WSCG), Communication papers and Posters

  • FULL papers - presented papers will be published in the Full papers proceedings with ISBN. 
    Limit 10 pages, min.6 pages (preferably 8 pages for submission) of A4 format. Presentation 15 mins + 5 mins. discussion.
    The best selected FULL papers will be published in the Journal of WSCG, ISSN 1213-6964
  • Short papers - presented papers will be published in the Short papers proceedings with ISBN. 
    Limit 10 pages, min.6 pages (preferably 8 pages for submission) of A4 format. Presentation of Short 10 mins. + discussion 
  • POSTERS - presented posters will be published in the Posters proceedings with ISBN. 
    If you intend to submit a paper directly as a poster, the title of the paper should begin with POSTER: .....

    Usually, posters describe ongoing not finished projects. 
    Limit 4 pages of A4 format but NOT SHORTER.
    Oral presentation (discussion with other attendees) 30 mins. at the poster's area.
    A print of of the POSTER in A1 portrait format (vertical) is taken with you for the presentation (we do not print posters, but you can print them in the city).

The Journal of WSCG and Full, Short and Poster proceedings will sent for indexing/abstracting to ISI (Thompson Reuters), Scopus, INSPEC, IEE, AIMS, INIST and others for citations index and other purposes.

What you should consider before uploading your paper

  • Contributions are reproduced directly from the electronic form using PDF version 7 (NOT higher).
    Therefore, it is necessary to keep the format guidelines as close as possible.
  • Standard A4 format is used - paper sheet 210x297 mm (8,27"x11,69") - portrait style, 
    margins: left, top, right 25 mm (0,98") , bottom 35 mm (1,38") 
  • The paper should be checked by the Acrobat Reader EUROPEAN/UK version for version 7 - compatibility check - especially if you use Asian or Arabic fonts etc. 
    All the fonts used must be included in the PDF file (select PDF/A option).

    Set the density to 300 or 600 dpi in the Acrobat Option!
  • DO NOT LOCK the PDF file for writing, we need to include some text - page numbers etc.
  • Please, consult SET_PDF_1.pdf -
    for setting your PDF generator - you can measure distances - use it, please.
  • If you use MS WORD
    go to OPTIONS/GENERAL/ and select measurement units - Millimeters 
    go to FILE/PAGE SET UP/Paper - select A4 and apply to the WHOLE DOCUMENT
    go to FILE/PAGE SET UP/Margins - select margins required and apply to WHOLE DOCUMENT
  • In PDF generation - include all fonts using PDF/A option
  • The submitted paper should not exceed 10 MB. Use strictly .pdf uncompressed (no ZIP , tar, ar).  
    Do not compress it, please, the upload accepts only PDF uncompressed.
  • You can upload additional material as Additional File-1 - [in *.ZIP format only] it must be compressed by ZIP - please, check that there is no virus!
  • Additional File-2 is used to store your CTF in PDF - NOT ZIPPED.

Additional information - BUT IMPORTANT

Submission before reviewing

  • Do not upload "Extended Abstract" style paper - it will be desktop-rejected
  • The paper should be carefully prepared, formatted according to the WSCG guidelines and checked by a native English speaker if applicable.
  • Both versions (affiliated [with names, institutions, etc.] and anonymous [without names and institution name, etc.]) of the paper should be uploaded before the deadline.
  • An anonymous version will be sent for review.
  • The affiliated version is used for checking technical issues that might occur in the final proceedings preparation period, formatting, etc.
    This is needed as the time for the final proceedings production is very short.


Before uploading the FINAL version AFTER REVIEWS 
(there are usually some changes required by reviewers or corrections needed)

  • You should very carefully follow the reviewers' recommendations and make appropriate changes
  • You can upload some additional material that supports your paper as 
    "Additional File-1" it must be compressed by ZIP
    "Additional File-1" will appear on the final conference CD/DVD; the expected limit per paper is approx. 10 MB
  • "Additional File-2" - Upload your responses [REBUTTAL] to reviewers comments/requirements as PDF file (not zipped), 
    or PDF format -

Hints for the PDF checking:


Please, check:

  • Options: Page A4 - check in Settings -> job options -> advanced ===> size 210 x 297 mm
  • Document security ==> Security method=No, Open password=No, Printing=allowed, Changing documents=Allow, Selecting text=Allow, Adding&Changing=Allow   so NO RESTRICTIONS applied
  • If you use LATEX etc. make sure that true type fonts are included - instead of raster fonts 
    When you check the final upload, print your paper - in the printing, menu DO NOT ALLOW: Reverse pages, Print as image, Fit to Page and Download (Asian/Arabic, etc) Fonts (right button). Make sure that all the used fonts are embedded with the PDF file.
  • Do not lock the document! We will need to make small editorial text editing, numbering, etc.
  • PDF ENGLISH version 7 compatibility is to be used
  • Check PDF ENGLISH version 7 compatibility with Acrobat reader. and that all fonts are included

Poster presentation format for print - for presentation

  • Format A1 - size 60 (width) x 90 (height) cm - PORTRAIT (vertical) orientation. 
    DO NOT USE Landscape (horizontal) format 90 (width) x 60 (height) cm.
  • PRINT IT and take it with you, or print it on your arrival at the local printing center (in the city center)

Address for communication:

Prof. Vaclav Skala subj. WSCG  <paper code>
c/o University of West Bohemia, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Univerzitni 8
CZ 306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic

Union Agency - Vaclav Skala  subj.: WSCG <paper code>
Na Mazinach 9
CZ 325 00 Plzen - Radcice
Czech Republic


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